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Catherine Deneuve a déclaré qu'elle était surprise de l'impact aux États-Unis du "Secret de Brokeback Mountain" (qu'elle a adoré). Elle pensait que l'homophobie en Amérique empêcherait le succès commercial de ce film. Comme on lui demandait si l'homophobie et les activistes de la droite chrétienne américaine auraient pu couler le film aux États-Unis, Catherine Deneuve a répondu : Absolument. Mais le peuple américain est surprenant, c'est aussi l'une de ses forces.

Interview AAP

The French screen siren says she has no intention of making her private life public, and will not be writing a tell all biography like other actresses such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda : private lives are supposed to be private. It is just ... personal and not public.
Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP

Each film is a little miracle. I'm still surprised how people ask about a film shot many years ago, just as if it happened yesterday.
Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP

A lot of actresses at a certain time of their life complain about the difficulty to have interesting parts. At the same time, the characters in film have changed. Before it was rare to have a woman in a film with responsibilities so the parts are stronger for women now.
Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP

f my exposure had been bigger and I had more experience with American film, I am sure (my life) would have been different. But being able to work in Europe and have very special experiences with European directors, it is easier to go on working.
Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP

I don't watch my films so much like a lot of actors. Once it is done, it is done. It is difficult to see it as a film. I have my films of course on DVD but I don't take time to look at them.
Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP

Asked if she would ever consider working behind the camera, Deneuve simply asked "why?". Directing is a real profession that I am not sure I would be able to do. It is not just saying "action". I do films and I do them well. I have a lot of consideration for directors. Of course I could make a film but really I don't think I could make a film just for that reason.
Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP

Maybe a few times I said, I should have thought twice before turning something down, said Deneuve when asked if she had any regrets. But frankly I am not someone who really looks back for memories.
Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP

Deneuve counts Australians Naomi Watts and Cate Blanchett as some of her favourite actresses, as well as Jessica Lange and Julie Christie : there is something very subtle and wise about them.
Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP

Deneuve admits she is fussy when it comes to choosing film roles and colleagues : it is not really a challenge more than being involved with people I am interested in. It is difficult for me to find an interesting story for me in French cinema, that's because it is rare to read a very well written script.

Catherine Deneuve, Interview AAP


Cocktail à l'Ambassade de France

Soirée de gala

Catherine Deneuve a reçu le Golden Kinnaree Career Achievement Award lors d'une soirée de gala le 24 février 2006.


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