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Diva going astray

No, no photos. Not during the press conference in the festival palais of Cannes and also not during the following interview. Madame has prohibited it. Why does a woman, who played in more than 60 movies ("Thieves" starts in cinemas here these days), promoted perfume with her face and gave her profile of classical beauty to the official portrait of French national hero Marianne, act that reserved?

I don't see myself as public property, says Catherine Deneuve and pushes with a strong motion the sunglasses into the perfectly styled hair. I don't understand at all why media proceeds arrogantly on the assumption that you have to always be available.

Is the love of the professor to her student in "Thieves" a fateful passion?
Yes, but not because it's a lesbian love. That is not the determing aspect in this relationship. The professor was married, has grown-up kids and doesn't make a late coming out. She loves a person, deeply and devotely, regardless of the gender. For me love is a wide field. Thus there is no shame, no proud. Strong emotions can hurt very much and might turn you into an aggressive, but also very generous person.

Do you share the pessimism in "Thieves"?
Towards the end the film becomes hard and dark, but thoroughly realistic. In life there is no everlasting luck, only the nice and tragic moments. But better we try to live something we believe in and fail, than not take the struggle up at all.

Director André Techiné says, some of the scenes were very hard for you. Does he mean the bathing with your young lover?
No, apart from a natural shame and vanity I don't have any problems with nude scenes. And certainly not with lesbian love. In "Thieves" the facts of getting older define the role subliminally more than anything else. And of course they are always in my mind.

Because it's becoming more difficult to get good roles?
Too. In this profession, which focuses on youth and appearance, it seems to be a particular problem. They ask me if I would be afraid of becoming older. Well, who is not? Doesn't everybody feel at the mercy of this unavoidable process? But that doesn't mean I get out of the way of these things in my movies.

Why were you always looking for the unconventional roles?
In films I find very tempting what the real life can't offer. Even more important for me were always the directors. You don't hesitate very long if you get an offer by Luis Buñuel or Francois Truffaut. If you trust the director you can play any part.

Are there movies you 'd rather forget today?
Of course, and fortunately most of them simply have vanished from the scene. That's what I love about theater. If I played poorly, I can make up for it the next night, if the piece is not good, they take it off. A film stays forever.

How did you make it to keep your impeachable image through the years?
I've tried to protect my private life, have done my work and was in general very lucky. I couldn't do justice to the image media gave to me, by the way. Sometimes it's frustrating that people face me prejudiced. Especially in the beginning I feel a distance. But once people become aquainted closer with me, they are relieved in general.

Is it true that Marilyn Monroe is one of your favourite actresses?
Yes, probably they have underestimated her talent so much because she was so famous as a sex symbol. That vulnerability and innocence she gives off on the screen is very fascinating. It moves me again and again. Unfortunately she didn't have talent for the real life.

What good advice did you give your daughter Chiara Mastroianni to follow in life?
Chiara doesn't let anybody interfering her affairs. I also wasn't very happy about her decision to become an actress. But now I'm relieved how clever she approaches her job and her roles. I was very surprised. And ashamed when I think of my first years. She knows very well what she wants and nobody can fool her. I wish I had her strong will.

But don't you have the reputation of having things under control?
With the years you learn to be successful. In this job there are too many people trying to manipulate you, many hurdles to make you stumble. If you show resistance, they quickly say you were difficult. You have to accept that.

Par : Dorothee Lackner

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